To provide guidance for students in choosing among the great variety of the available courses for the composition of the Study Plan T2A, the Council of the Study Programme has defined eleven specialized Tracks, which help them in filling their T2A study program in a coherent way. Students are strongly advised to choose a single track, even if they are allowed to fill the T2A programme in a more personal way. 

The Council will try to keep the course schedules both for lessons and exams, as compatible as possible with these choices, but students must be advised that absence of overlapping in lesson schedules cannot be fully guaranteed due to the huge offering of courses provided by the Programme. 

Some courses are provided by the Doctor of Philosophy School, supplied by Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB); students can check the full list of such courses on the web site of the Doctorate at the DEIB.

Follow the links on the right to show the description of each track and the table of the related courses.


Ambient and data intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Big Data & Data Science

Bioinformatics and e-Health

Business informatics, analytics and intelligence


Interactive Applications

Internet Engineering

Pervasive Systems

Robotics and vision

Software engineering for complex systems