Information technology has a disruptive impact on the way business is organized, both within and across companies. The purpose of this track is to understand the organizational role of IT and the consequent mutual relationship between technology and strategy. The track provides the student with the conceptual, analytical and technical knowledge necessary to play an active role in the effective design of the computer infrastructure enabling the most competitive modern business strategies. In particular, in recent times the information systems are not only managing data, but provide functionalities also to analyse them, integrating the analysis to steer the activities of the company. For instance, in the emerging Industry 4.0 sector, information gathered from the analysis of sensor data from the production departments are driving and supporting the processes at the business level, particularly in the interaction with the customers. In this track, coding, data analytics and technology design capabilities are strongly encouraged and leveraged as part of the set of key competences that are needed in modern companies to enable innovation and to be future leaders in the transformation from traditional to data-centric business.


Contact Professor: Prof. Barbara Pernici