Master in Computer Science and Engineering – Milano/Leonardo (Livello II – ord. 270)

The recent developments of Computer Science and of the Information Society have a deep social and economic impact. Computer Science has become a dominant factor in the culture and in the organization of modern enterprises and social activities, fostering their transformation and innovation.

May 2021: Please find here some up-to-date slides about the Master program in Computer Science and Engineering.

In this scenario, which is deeply influenced by the birth of new technologies, the Master in Computer Science and Engineering aims to train engineers that have a wide and deep cultural background, are able to develop and use methods and tools of computer science with an engineering approach, as well as deal with and develop a large spectrum of applications.

The professional roles that the Master in Computer Science and Engineering can provide are amongst the most requested, yet scarcely available.

A key aspect of the Master in Computer Science and Engineering is the freedom it leaves to students. Apart from limited number of mandatory courses, students may freely choose, among the wide number of topics offered, those that better suit their interests.

The degree requires acquisition of 120 credits (CFU); specifically, students must select at least 45 CFU from computer science and engineering courses, at least 15 CFU from complementary subjects, and at most 20 CFU can be freely selected by the student.

20 credits are devoted to the preparation of the Master Thesis and of the final examination, one of which is reserved for improving the knowledge of the English language.

There are three pre-approved study plans. Thanks to the wide range of courses offered, the T2A - Computer Science and Engineering study plan covers all the main application areas of modern computer engineering. The T2D - ICT Engineering, Business and Innovation study plan is, on the other hand, specifically aimed at forming ICT experts with a strong background on business and innovation. Finally, study plan T2I - Artificial Intelligence (a closed number plan) aims at forming experts in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Nov 10, 2019: The Software Engineering II course is run in collaboration with industry. See here a list of collaborating companies.

Study plans T2A and T2I are entirely offered at the Milano-Leonardo campus, while study plan T2D has a first year offered at the Milano-Leonardo campus, which includes the mandatory courses of computer engineering, while the second year, offered at the Milano-Bovisa campus of the Politecnico di Milano, focuses on courses on business and innovation taken from the Management Engineering Programme.

A student can propose an autonomous study plan that may differ from plan T2A for at most 20 credits. The autonomous plans will be accepted or rejected based on their consistency with the overall teaching offer, considering the entire path proposed by the student. It also exists the possibility of proposing an autonomous study plan that is recognized as an "Internal Erasmus Design": it must include between 15 and 20 credits that are offered by the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano.

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